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  • Sell what you waive
  • Reuse what you can

The used products/household items are nothing but something that you do not want any more but that is made of material that can be used again.

For example, if you are having a bicycle of your kid. Once after a year, it may not possible to use by your kid (May your kid grew). But the bicycle is somewhat in a good condition. You can sell it through Regenf.

If you have a great decision to sell your used items you can use the following link:

If you are having the used products/household items with you and it may in better condition. Then submit your product details in Regenf. Regenf will call you immediately.

Great. If you have got an idea to sell your used items through Regenf.

Now or Never…Start to share your product details using the following link:


Once if you are submitting your details and used products details through Regenf, our customer care person will call you and will get the complete information of products.

If the used products are in a better condition, then Regenf will pay you with better value for product.

Hope you are getting full details of Regenf selling process. You can use the following link to sell your used items:


Yes. Regenf is a registered company.

You can buy second hand households, office used products and etc. For example, you can buy Used sofas, Plastic chairs, Dining table, Wooden/Iron cot, Mixi, Grinder, Gas Stove, Music Systems, Bicycle, Rolling chairs, and so on.

Never refuse to reuse the used items. Regenf provides the best industry services to its clients/customers. You can buy any used scrap items using the following link:

If you are using Regenf to buy/sell your used products, you may have a single window contact. You can avoid a greater number of nurturing for a whole day to buy/sell your product. We value your time, products and money.

ReGenF concentrating of product life span. Since the new products production is a cumulative output of our natural resources. In the note of saving natural resources, ReGenF increrases the products lifespan as much as possible through all the possible ways of Reuse.

No. Exchange is not possible at ReGenF. Because ReGenF deals with used products, it is not possible to exchange both used products in a mutual way.

Yes. It is possible to resale the products that were getting from ReGenF after two years of time duration. ReGenF never encourage to resale the products immediately, since it may affect the manpower and resources effort simply.

Yes. Warranty is available at ReGenF. ReGenF concentrating more with product quality that will not lead any need of a warranty. In case the customers requesting for warranty, then ReGenF will offer cash back warranty with product return option. It is applicable only for major mistakes/problems.

No. Since ReGenF deals with the used products, it does not offer CoD and EMI options.

No. ReGenF concentrating on set of rules that are existing to buy the products. After getting the product inspect and planning of logistics, ReGenF will give exact time schedule to the customers. Since immediate buying of products may lead few loss-intent in any one of side that customer side or company side.

No. ReGenF will not buy/collect new products (Few Months old) from customers. We are dealing with at least 2 years old products. Since if it is a new product, the product cost will not be affordable to both sellers and buyers. And in case of any emergency ReGenF buy/collect products based on the mutual concern.

Yes. If you are coming to buy any specific product after seeing online product listing, then get appointment from ReGenf via call. Since during that time, the product may get sold. So, appointment will avoid customer’s inconvenience.

No. Return policy is not available. You must audit the product completely before buying.

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